Bathmate Jelqing Routine – The HydroMax Series

Bathmate HydroMax Review Bathmate Jelqing Routine

Bathmate Jelqing Routine

Although there is still room to grow, penis pumps have come a long way since the tire-pump days. Sure scientists could still be spending their time curing cancer. But, because of priorities they have turned their research time to pumps.. After all, who wants to live if they must live with a microscopic cock? Not this guy. Bathmate Jelqing Routine

HydroMax has been on the market now for 10 years, and still holds a reputation as one of the best penis pumps money can buy.Each brand has different models available. It’s a variable cornucopia of dick extenders on their website, so navigation is sort of confusing. Good news is, once you finally narrow down your choice, the hardest part will be your enlarged penis. Opt for the BathMate Series, the X Series, or the Xtreme Series depending on your need and level of experience. But, for the purposes of attempting to hold your hand through this important decision, we’ll stick with reviewing only the BathMate here. Bathmate Jelqing Routine


What Are the Bathmate Hercules & Goliath Penis Hydropumps?

The HydroMax Bathmate is the smaller pump of the lineup, but don’t let that deter you from this one. It is a high tech pump, using water from your bath or shower, to create insane levels of pump. Combined, this creates cellular growth in your penis. Simply put, adding water turns this pump into a strong suction cup, allowing your penis to grow. It is really that easy. Bathmate Jelqing Routine

The way the HydroMax penis pump string functions is really more scientific. What we mean by that is this: a group of grown ass adults with college degrees got together and formulated an effective 15-minute workout routine for the dick using this handheld tool. What is the world coming to? Me personally I am not sure, but I think you just may enjoy it. Bathmate Jelqing Routine



Hercules and Goliath Series Main Features

Our brand new plaything comes in two different models, each of which has subtle differences (largely in size). The names are about as creative as the innovations that operate the pump: Hercules and Goliath. The names should allow you to figure out which of the two is the biggest. The original Bathmate pump is the Hercules. It is designed for those who are more average in the penile department. In any event, both models are designed to accommodate a variety of penises and they come in two different colors too. Neato! Bathmate Jelqing Routine

Even neater is that this specific penis pump series is used by men in over 70 nations, so you don’t need to worry about being ejected from the”Cool Kids’ Club” anytime soon. If you are after convenience, you will find it with either model. Both have comfort pads, and 1 click open and close features; to ensure ample pressure.The skin-safe gator and transparent plastic vessel are one piece but they can be rotated fairly easily, along with the raised gauge dimensions along the side are optional to use. (We are not doctors, but we would suggest using the gauges before you understand how your dick will respond to the pressure. Bathmate Jelqing Routine


So, What’s in the Box?

By human nature, people are nosey. Always wanting us to let them know the magical hidden items in a box, when we review a product.Well, this was easy with the Bathmate HydroMax. There really wasn’t much in the box at all. There was some comfort pads, a few flyers about new products…and an instruction manual. So if you want to save cost, and go with a brand who doesn’t push a lot on you, the Bathmate series should be your choice.


How Does the Bathmate Measure Up

Like we said, Bathmate has two versions; the Hercules, and it’s 30% larger predecessor; Goliath. But, Bathmate is not alone. We also mentioned that the HydroMax has two other versions. They all have their purpose. Bathmate kicks ass in its category. But obviously, more higher end models are made to be superior. Bathmate Jelqing Routine

The HydroMax may not be the only pump on the market, but it is the original. From a cost perspective, it is well worth the money.It all comes down to the price tag and personal taste, as it is most of the time in our experience.



My Personal Experience

We gave this sucker 60 days to impress us and, after a while, it did (sort of). I did a see a difference around the third week. So, if you can wait that long, great! Full results weren’t reached until day 45 but after that, we had forgot what we were doing it for in the first location. Bathmate Jelqing Routine


Bathmate HydroMax Summary

  • It works: There are some flaws to the Bathmate. But, if you follow a regimen, you will notice measurable growth. Bathmate Jelqing Routine
  • It has it’s own training: HydroMax offers a 15 minute training, that WILL give you more length and girth.
  • Penis health: Not only will your size increase, most likely so will your overall sexual health.
  • Skin safety: Considering Bathmate HydroMax uses materials that are pthalate free, you do not have to worry about skin issues.
  • Short training: In a world where most exercises want you to do penis exercises for an hour + a day, Bathmate only recommends 15 minutes.
  • A Promise Is a Promise: Bathmate HydroMax is so certain that you’ll see results, that they offer you two times the money for what you paid for it; if you are not 100% satisfied.
  • 2 year warranty: The HydroMax gives you a two year warranty. This is more than ample time to make sure you are happy, and that you are seeing results.


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